Happy Father’s Day 2018!

While Father’s don’t get as much press as mom’s, today we have a chance to, at least, make this day special for the Dads.  Make some social media noise. Today’s #BeTheSohrs focus is a Father’s Day Tribute.  I found this quote that fits perfect for Christian dads:

“Fathers were a God idea.
The creator of the universe describes Himself as a Father.”

Let’s show “the world”, how Christians celebrate their dads on Father’s Day.
In normal “#BeTheSohrs” fashion, let’s take an action in tribute to the dads:

  • Post a picture with dad
  • Share a thought as to why your dad’s so special
  • Give some love for your dad
  • Upload an image of the gift you gave dad or the gift you call dad
  • Or (Heart) if you are doing something special for your father on Father’s Day!

Be creative… but #BeTheSohrs!

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