New Visitors with You?

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A crowning moment in the life of a church-goer is the day they bring a visitor to church with them.  There are many reasons why a visitor may attend… Maybe they’re seeking a relationship with God. Maybe they’re looking for a new place of worship.  What about those who are just going to church this Sunday with a family member. At any rate, having a visitor go to church with you is a big deal and you should be commended for your efforts no matter what the occasion.  Today our focus is on you, the person who’s bringing a visitor with them to church. LIKE our social media post if you brought any new visitors with you to church this month. If you feel like showing more love, post a picture.  It’s simple; just go over to Facebook and Twitter. 

It’s time, our time to share with the world what we, as Christians, do.  Let’s #BeTheSohrs!

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