In What Ways Do You Spend Time With God?

There are so many ways we spend time with the people in our lives. For a spouse it might be a candlelight dinner. For your family it might be games and popcorn. For a small group, conversation and pizza. In the office, it’s meetings to discuss projects and issues. But how about God, what kind of time does He get from us and how do we spend time with Him? Maybe you’re a veteran and have creative ways to share moments with God. On the other hand, you might be new to the relationship one can have with God. At any rate, we need to hear about it. There are tons of people out there who would like to know. Christians of all ages, new and old. Here are a few suggestions we can offer:

    • How often do you find yourself in prayer?
    • Do you have a specific area where you pray? Share.
    • Tell us about your small group.
    • How often do you find yourself reading the Bible?
    • In what ways do you spend time with God?
  • Share a picture with your small group.

The point of it all is to share what Christians do.
The time is now, let’s do what we, Christians, do best–#BeTheSohrs!  Don’t forget to tag your posts with #BeTheSohrs or #TheSohrs.

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