Support Florida and Texas

Let’s Do What We (Christians) Do Best!

Just a couple weeks a ago, we rallied our efforts together to support our friends and family in Houston, TX who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Now our love for others must spread and reach further. Our friends and family, who have been devastated by Hurricane IRMA, need us. It’s time, our time to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Due to your responsiveness, we’ve compiled a list of a few ways you can provide support, not only for Houston, but those impacted by Hurricane IRMA as well.

Click any of the links below to aid the cause:

ARC Churches

Church of the Highlands (Disaster Relief)

Lakewood Church (Hurricane Relief)

PayPal (IRMA Relief)

Red Cross**

*Note: Donations made to via this link is not tax deductible.

During this dark time for many, we can be a light even from afar.
The time is now, this time is for you; you know what to do – BeTheSohrs!