Share Ways in Which You Release Your Radical, Unshakable Faith

Many people find it easy to release the inner beast from within: frustrations, aggregations and annoyances.  But have you considered what might be on the other side of these extreme emotions? Like hope, peace, joy, and faith?  You know what people of faith really are?  They’re risk takers.  They (we) dare to believe something that most of the world doesn’t.  We dare to step out on uncertainty and have assurance in an invisible God.  

It’s time we start taking risks and making decisions the world doesn’t understand.  This week’s BeTheSohrs focus is “share ways in which you release your radical, unshakable faith.”

You know what time it is, it’s time we do what we (Christians) do best.  Take a leap of faith and share yours. #BeTheSohrs


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