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The Sohrs is the world's most popular and authoritative source of Christian resources designed to
help users explore and engage with the world of Christianity.

Sohrs Features
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    Exchange Portal
  • Disaster Relief

See What We're Doing!

The Sohrs has taken a highly active role in connecting followers of Christ through social media. We believe that today's technology has created a communication pathway that will allow us to reach masses that are un-thinkable and spread the love of Christ while providing resources to those who need it the most. Through our "BeTheSohrs" campaign we aim to take back Sunday's for Christ. Each week we post a new topic used to engage our followers and allow us to show the world what Christians do.

Who Are We?

The “Sohrs” (pronounced “source”) is an online Christian information & recommendation service, networking utility, and database that gives you everything you need to learn more about your faith.

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