How did reading the Bible change your life?


Think back to the first time you read the Bible and it spoke to you.  Maybe it spoke to your health condition, your financial situation, or a relationship issue.  It may have given you some words of wisdom or a key takeaway for life. No matter what the situation, it spoke to you.  Why not share this experience to encourage others to read their Bible. This week’s BeTheSohrs focus is “how did reading the Bible change your life?”  It’s up to us to encourage others to read their Bible. As Christians it is a regular habit and essential component to our life with Christ. It’s time, our time to do what we, Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs



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101 Ways to Use #20 – How to Build Your Life in God’s Words

Building a Christian life is not the easiest thing in the world. When you are surrounded by sin and disbelief, applying God’s words would mean doing things that are completely different from the social norms. This would mean completely stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things that are out of the ordinary. But that’s exactly what being a Christian is all about, right? It’s never settling for what’s ordinary and aiming to become extraordinary by living a life centered on God’s word. Build your life in God’s words by connecting with the churches, people, and resources that would allow you to do just this.  The Sohrs is one of the best places for you to start.

Love on your mom today! Happy Mother’s Day!


This week we’re celebrating all mothers. Mother’s Day is here!  If there is anything a Christian has to share it’s love. Love is at the center of our life’s walk.  What better way to show and share love than to celebrate mothers, who day in and day out show love towards us.  This week’s BeTheSohrs topic is “Love on your mom today!” Let’s do what we, Christians, do best and turn our “love” attention to all mothers.  Start with those closest to you and show them some unconditional love.#BeTheSohrs


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What helps you get through trying times?

In the church community, we find ourselves using the term “storm” to describe troubling or trying times.   Many have heard it said that you’re either: 1) preparing for a storm, 2) in a the midst of a storm or 3) just on the other side of a storm.  At any rate, storms are a part of life that we must all deal with. The question is “how”? This week’s BeTheSohrs focus is “what helps you get through trying times?”  What’s your secret to calming a storm? It’s time, our time, to do what we Christians do best…share your experiences of coping with the storms of life. #BeTheSohrs


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101 Ways to Use #19 – How Parents Can Choose the Best Youth Ministry for Their Kids

There is no better way to strengthen your child’s foundation than by starting them out early. Finding the best youth ministry for your kids could ensure that they are surrounded by those who have a living passion for the Word. Knowing how spirited kids can become, this is definitely the best outlet to find ways to enhance their spirituality and make the most out of their youth. The Sohrs can direct you to the best ministries your kids can join.  Visit today!

Share your favorite worship song here

Do you have a favorite worship song?  You know the one that gets you to the throne room of God, so to speak.   Or are you looking for options of worship songs that could possibly become a favorite?  In any case, Christians tend to spend a lot of time in worship and having the right song could make setting the atmosphere and removing interruptions and distractions possible.  This week’s #BeTheSohrs focus is “share your favorite worship song.” Consider this, there are folks out there who can benefit from your favorite song and make it their favorite.  It’s our time to do what we, Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs.



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Learning from someone? Tag them here.

The Christian community, otherwise known as the family of faith, has an endless number of resources.  There are enough resources, teachers and people who inspire. So much so that you are sure to find one that fits your needs. 

The problem one may encounter is finding those persons and making a connection.  At we live to make this easier. We live to expose the world to all that Christians have to offer.  In this week’s #BeTheSohrs focus we are encouraging you to tag the person who has inspired or inspires you to learn. By doing this, others may find someone with whom they can connect.  The time is now; time for us to do what we, Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs.



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What is one thing that you have learned from a friend this week?

The Bible teaches that bad company corrupts.  That’s not surprising if you think about the types of friends most of us have.

Christians have a way of surrounding themselves with good people.  With that being said this week’s BeTheSohrs focus is, “what is one thing that you have learned from a friend this week?”  How has a friend positively impacted your life? Friends influence us everyday and it’s better if the influence is positive.  You know what time it is? It’s time we show the world how we , Christians, do life with others. It’s time to share our friends. #BeTheSohrs

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In what way has God impacted your life?

The most meaningful part of any good relationship is the interactions you have with this special person.  Maybe they brought you a cup of coffee out of the blue. Maybe they took you out to lunch. Depending on how close the relationship is, maybe they did something very small, but inside it was the largest gift you could have received.  At any rate, moments like this are precious. But did you know God does these things for us everyday? Today’s BeTheSohrs topic is “In what way has God impacted your life?”

Here are a few questions to help you think and share:

  • How did God show up for you today?
  • Describe how you saw God at work in a friend’s life today?
  • How did God play a part in your life today?
  • In what ways has God impacted your life today?
  • What area of your life did God work in today?
  • Express how excited you were when you saw how God was at work in your life today?
  • Give an example of when you saw God impact someone else’s life today?

You’ll never know how important it is for you to share your thoughts and experiences with others.  Our world is waiting on us to show them what we (Christians) do! It’s time; let’s do it together! #BeTheSohrs

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How will you be celebrating Easter?

This is the most exciting time of the year when you’re a Christian.  It’s Easter, the biggest celebration Christian’s have.  It’s been said that Easter is the time where most people invited to church will give a favorable response.  In fact, Easter is the one day that most people who don’t regularly attend, will.  With that said interacting with others around our Easter celebration is inevitable.  The BeTheSohrs focus this week is “how will you celebrate Easter?”  This is our biggest opportunity to show the world what we, Christians do.  #BeTheSohrs

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