Take a picture with your small group.

Small groups are just about in full swing in most churches as we head into the fall season.  As small groups get through their meet and greet session, it’s a good time to share that experience with others.  

For some, that getting-to-know-you phase of small groups might be tough, but if we do what we do best and share our experience with the world around us, we can make it that much easier for someone else.

This week’s “#BeTheSohrs” focus is share a picture of you and your small group.  It’s time; your time to do what only we, Christians, do best.  We gather together with others!  #SmallGroups

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Overcoming the Comparison Trap

Today’s #BeTheSohrs focus is how you overcome the comparison trap.  The one thing having choices does is eliminates the need to compare.  When you have choices, you don’t need to compare what you have to what others have.  Because of the database of churches and resources has, you no longer have to worry with comparing your church to another’s.  You can find the resources just right for you.

While this might be true for followers, it’s not true for the world around you.  Others need to know how you overcome the comparison trap in general.  Comparison can be tough, BTS (BeTheSohrs) today by sharing how you have overcome the comparison trap.

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101 Ways To Use #28 – Best Christian FM Radio Stations

Christian music is always the best companion as you go through your day as it has the ability to change your disposition towards the better in a snap. This is why it is always worthwhile to listen to some of the best Christian FM or XM radio stations in the country, especially when you get that double dose of awesome music and inspiring DJs. Whether you would rather listen to the very popular K-Love or are part of the younger modern Christian rock audience of Air1 Radio, the important thing is how the music they play inspires and uplifts you. To get more recommendations on other Christian radio stations and shows worth listening to, visit Also, your contribution to rating, reviewing and adding your favorites to our database is invaluable. Thanks for visiting

Here’s one listing we’re highlighting just for you:

Support Those Impacted By Hurricane Florence

Let’s Do What We (Christians) Do Best!

Last year about this time, we rallied our efforts together to support our friends and family who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey and IRMA.

Now our love for others must spread and reach out again.  Our friends and family who have been devastated by Hurricane Florence need us.  It’s time, our time to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Due to your responsiveness, we’ve compiled a list of a few ways you can provide support.

Click any of the links below to aid the cause:

During this dark time for many, we can be a light even from afar.  The time is now, this time is for you; you know what to do – BeTheSohrs!

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101 Ways To Use #27 – Best Bible-Based Contemporary Movies

From God’s Not Dead and Heaven is for Real, to Courageous and Fireproof, the best Christian movies just makes you want to embrace your faith even more. These movies do not only inspire and give you a whole new perspective in life, but they also prove how powerful movies truly are as a channel in spreading stories about a love that knows no boundaries.  For more Christian movies to watch, visit, where you can give and get more recommendations.

Here’s one listing we’re highlighting just for you:

Favorite Bible Story

The best way to enjoy your Christian experience is by connecting with your bible. What do we mean by that?  Can you identify with any of its stories? Which ones have the most meaning for you? This week’s BeTheSohrs topic let’s us in to what it is about your bible that connects with you.  The topic is “Favorite Bible Story or Parable”.

Here’s how you can share yours with your social world:

  • Tell us about your favorite Bible story and why?
  • Share which Bible story you relate to?
  • Give us the Bible story that inspires you?
  • If you could have been a part of any Bible story which would it be?
  • Which Bible story motivates you?

It’s your time and we want to know what bible story has impacted you.  Let’s do what we, Christians, do best…#BeTheSohrs

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Favorite Bible

If you’ve been a Christian for a while, you’ve probably acquired a bible that’s your favorite. There’s nothing like having a favorite bible.  It turns to the right page when you need it. You can find all the important passages you have marked, highlighted or memorized. There’s nothing like having your favorite bible with you when you’re in the mood to read God’s word.  This week at, our “BeTheSohrs” topic is “Favorite Bible”.

Because we are in the business of sharing what Christians do (with the world), we want you to join us in sharing your favorite bible.  We are asking you to…:

  • Post a picture of your favorite bible.
  • Tell about how you got your favorite bible.
  • Share your story as to why this is your favorite bible.
  • Offer some good study tips you’ve read from your favorite bible.

Remember the time is now.  Get involved; BeTheSohrs (pronounced “source”)

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101 Ways To Use #26 – Best Bible Reading Plans

Going through the Bible in one sitting is just impossible, especially if you want to take time out to take notes of the important things you come across and lessons you may want to remember with each passage you think relates to you. This is exactly what Bible reading plans are for. They guide you slowly but surely through the process, making certain no page is left unread. Reading plans could also allow you to group certain topics together, making your Bible journey more meaningful. Visit [ ] and find the best sources for you to get your Bible reading plans [] from.

Here’s one listing we’re highlighting just for you:


In What Ways Do You Spend Time With God?

There are so many ways we spend time with the people in our lives. For a spouse it might be a candlelight dinner. For your family it might be games and popcorn. For a small group, conversation and pizza. In the office, it’s meetings to discuss projects and issues. But how about God, what kind of time does He get from us and how do we spend time with Him? Maybe you’re a veteran and have creative ways to share moments with God. On the other hand, you might be new to the relationship one can have with God. At any rate, we need to hear about it. There are tons of people out there who would like to know. Christians of all ages, new and old. Here are a few suggestions we can offer:

  • How often do you find yourself in prayer?
  • Do you have a specific area where you pray? Share.
  • Tell us about your small group.
  • How often do you find yourself reading the Bible?
  • In what ways do you spend time with God?
  • Share a picture with your small group.

The point of it all is to share what Christians do.
The time is now, let’s do what we, Christians, do best–#BeTheSohrs!  Don’t forget to tag your posts with #BeTheSohrs or #TheSohrs.

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Tell us about a (your) baptism experience.

Baptism, or proclaiming your acceptance of Jesus and expressing your connection outwardly so others can see, can be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, experience you’ll have this side of Heaven.  For some, it’s a celebration of a new life. For others, it’s a funeral for the old person they used to be. At any rate, it’s an experience worth sharing with others. In fact the whole idea of baptism is making a public expression of your faith to others, so baptism is sharing with others.  Here’s another opportunity for you. Our #BeTheSohrs topic this week, is “Tell us about a (your) baptism experience.”

Here are a few ways to get you started sharing:

  • Tell us about your baptism experience.
  • Where did you get baptized?
  • Explain a time when you witnessed a friend or family member being baptized.
  • How old were you when you were baptized?
  • How did you make the decision to get baptized?
  • How did it make you feel when a friend or family member was baptized?
  • Have you been baptized more than once?

The time is now, let’s do what we, Christians, do best–#BeTheSohrs!  

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