Personal Bible Study Tips

When surveyed or you can even ask your friends, reading the Bible can be tough if you don’t have the right practices.  What Bible should I use? Where do I start? Today our BeTheSohrs focus is on reading your Bible and sharing tips that could possibly help others get more in the book that matters most (for Christians)-our Bible.  
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Celebrate Mothers

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in the United States.  It’s a day where churches will be filled. In fact it’s one of the 3 most popular days for people to attend church services-Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Easter.  Tomorrow is one of the greatest opportunities to share with the world what Christians do. In light of Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate mothers not just in the United State but around the world.  Our BeTheSohrs focus today is simple… [Heart, our social media posts on Facebook, and Twitter] if you are doing something special for your mother this Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Experienced a Miracle?

We’ve all experienced a miracle in life at some point or another.  The question is can you identify them?  As Christians, we believe in miracles.  In fact, many of us make them happen for others.  In this week’s BeTheSohrs focus, we’re sharing our miracles with the world.  What miracles have you experienced?  What miracles have you been an instrument in others experiencing?  [Share] or [Like] our social media posts (on Facebook, & Twitter), if you’ve experienced a miracle.  It’s your time to show the world what you, Christians, do.

Share Your Easter Pics With Us

This weekend we celebrate what represents the greatest event in human history.  We celebrate Easter. We understand this might look different for many and that’s okay.  Some might start with service on Good Friday. Others might make it a weekend of celebrations.  Even others will commemorate Christ’s resurrection at a sunrise service on Sunday. However you do it, we want to know about.  It’s your time to shine a light on what Christians do. [Heart] our social media posts and share your Easter pictures with us this weekend on Facebook, and Twitter.

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Listen to Christian Music?

A common habit that many Christians have is starting their day with Christian music.  Let me tell you, there is no shortage of Christian music out there, from Contemporary to Gospel and everything in between.  We want to know what you’re listening to. [Like] our social media post this week if you listen to Christian music before you start your day.  You may also share what’s on your playlist. It’s time, today is your day to show the world what Christians listen to. Share some music with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Seen Any Good Christian Movies?

Everyone enjoys a good movie from time to time.  However, because Christian movies aren’t the most popular, it can be hard to find a good one.  That could end today, if everyone shares the most recent “good” Christian movie they’ve seen. How about it?  Can you share a good Christian movie you’ve seen recently? If not just like our social media post on Facebook, or Twitter+.

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Commit to Inviting People to Church

In our fast paced societies, we tend to forget to invite others to join us for Sunday service or Saturday service.  We jump up on Sunday morning and we make that mad dash for church. This week’s “BeTheSohrs” focus is like (or share) our social media post showing your commitment to slow down for just a second to invite friends or strangers to come to church.  Take it one step further add it to your calendar and theirs. Everyone with a smartphone has a calendar and I’m certain it’s not often they get invited to by calendar to do something really great. Here’s your opportunity and it’s your time to show the world, your world, what Christians do.  #BeTheSohrs

Baptized this year?

Some things are reserved for Christians only.  It’s like an initiation requirement to be apart of the club.  Baptism is kinda like that…how cool is that? It’s one of these things that Christians do.  This week our focus is on those who have been inducted into the Christian society by way of baptism this year.  Share or like this post if you were baptized or know someone who has been baptized in the past year.

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Bring A Friend To Church

When our team presented this week’s focus for our “BeTheSohrs” campaign, the thought was how simple yet so novel.  When you have something good, don’t you want to share it with others? How much more do you want what’s good for your friends?  This week’s “BeTheSohrs” focus is “Encourage someone to bring a friend to church”. This focus is so simple that all you need to do is go out to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or your favorite social network and [Heart] if you have brought a new friend to church recently or share a comment/picture.  Or you can just share our post on your timeline.

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Going On A Mission Trip?

Spring is quickly approaching.  There’s a lot of chatter about springtime activities.  One of the most popular, that you might not be aware of, is mission trips.  Each year thousands and possibly even millions of Christians participate in these events.  Well, we (The Sohrs) need to know more about these Christian-based events and it starts with you.  This week’s “BeTheSohrs” focus is “[Share] if you plan to go on a mission trip” this year. It’s your time to shine by sharing this post with the world around you.

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