Easter Online – Share Your Digital Easter Story

You’re heard the term “Cyber-Monday”, but what about “Cyber-Easter”? This is exactly where we find ourselves this Easter. This year we have the opportunity to bring Easter home. That means we’re having a social-media or online Easter experience. Don’t give up on having an Easter celebration simply because the Easter program is cancelled. It’s not cancelled, it’s only relocated, more intimate, and that much more meaningful. Keep in mind that this weekend we celebrate what represents the greatest event in all of human history. We celebrate Easter. We understand this will look far different than any other traditional Easter we’ve ever had, but that’s okay. It doesn’t change the fact that we are celebrating Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. Now, it’s up to us to show the world that in spite of not being able to physically gather in large numbers we’re still gathering in large numbers using the internet. This week’s #BeTheSohrs focus is “Share with us how you celebrated Easter online.” It’s time, our time to do what we do best, #BeTheSohrs.

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