101 Ways To Use #32 – Resources on Serious Topics

Depression is one of the silent killers in the world today, as even the person who has the brightest smile could be suffering from it without anybody knowing. Even for Christians of great faith, depression is just as likely to happen. Relevant Magazine says that depression is “not a character defect, spiritual disorder, emotional dysfunction, and most definitely not a choice.” The Bible can offer solace, but it is not an easy answer. Aside from healing yourself spiritually, it is just as important to listen to medical science as well. For more resources on topics such as coping with depression as a Christian, visit (

Here’s one listing we’re highlighting just for you:

Characteristics of God


Today we have an easy, but good topic.  We’re sharing “Characteristics of God.” From loving to generous to selfless, this list can go on forever.   Forever, or unending, another characteristic of God.

Our list is not complete without getting the characteristics you love about God.  Why don’t you take just a second and share with us the attributes that come to your mind when you think of God.  It’s your opportunity to share with your world and do what only, we, Christians, can do-BeTheSohrs.

Let’s do it together; #BeTheSohrs!





How Do You Share Jesus in the Workplace?

Can we even say “Jesus” in the workplace today?  This is becoming more and more debatable in our society.  John Maxwell once shared that in his leadership conferences he uses the old bait and hook with his audience so that they ask for his secret tips.  He would reference a leadership idea that was totally influenced by his faith and Christian beliefs without saying where they originated.

For example, he makes a statement sort of like this… “I’ll only tell those who are interested and willing to stay behind after the main lecture.”  To his surprise many of the attendees would and John had the privilege of sharing his faith and being an instrument for God leading business leaders to Christ.

How do you share Jesus in your workplace?  Share your strategy with us and the world.

Let’s do it together; #BeTheSohrs!



101 Ways To Use #31 – How Christians Use Social Media

The power of social media is truly unbelievable, with its power to influence minds both young and old as trends change through time. Although potentially a dangerous tool, social media could also be a most useful channel. Sharing positivity through each post, and keeping your own profile clean and inspiring is a great way for Christians to make the most out of it. There are also so many pages that Christians could follow, such as pages of some of the most influential Christian leaders in the world, as well as that of their churches. For more ideas on how you can use social media effectively as a Christian, you can share thoughts with other people like you on

Here’s one listing we’re highlighting just for you:

What Are You Thankful For?


Hopefully you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.  In light of our Thanksgiving holiday, the BeTheSohrs topic this week is “what are you thankful for?”  What did Thanksgiving remind you to be grateful for? And what are we left with after having experienced thanks-giving over the last couple days?

Your world needs your help, your input and your example.  It’s what we, Christians, do. We light the world around us.  Help us light the world this week by sharing the object of our thankfulness.  The time is now. Let’s do it together; #BeTheSohrs!





How Can You Be The Light In The Workplace?

It’s a new day.  As Christians it’s time to take Christ to the workplace.  It’s the place where most of us spend the majority of our time and meet the majority of the people we know in life.  So how do we accomplish such a feet without doing a disservice to The Kingdom?  This week’s BeTheSohrs focus is “How can you be the light in the workplace?”  How can we shed more light in the place we spend the majority of our time?

It’s our time and that time is now for us, Christians, to do what we do best.  #BeTheLight  #BeTheSohrs

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101 Ways To Use #30 – Learn About Christian Dating

You have to admit that times have changed, but people can remain somewhat the same without the influence of The Church.  Did you know that a Christian Mingle survey shows that only 11% of Christian singles say that they will wait until marriage before they have sex?  Where is the support system for those who wish to stay true to their values and date? At, we wish to give you the resources and support circles you need to live the life for Christ that you desire and at the same time find that person just right for you.  Visit and find the best resources to help you make your best decisions as a Christian single.

Here’s one listing we’re highlighting just for you:

Veterans Day Tribute

This week we celebrate Veterans.  It’s our opportunity to say thank you to men and women who have done things for us that we don’t in most cases know about to ensure we have a future that’s brighter.  As Christians let’s lead the way in showing our gratitude to the soldiers: past, present, and future.

Here are a few actions and ideas to get you going:

  • How do you celebrate Veterans Day?
  • Show us your hero.
  • What are you doing for Veterans Day?
  • Share your Veterans Day traditions.
  • Tag a man or woman in uniform. Past, Present, or Future.
  • Thank a soldier.  Past, Present, or Future.
  • Veterans Day Pics

The time is now, let’s do, what we (Christians) do best.  #BeTheSohrs

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Where did you see God at work in your life today?

The most meaningful part of any good relationship is the interactions you have with this special person.  Maybe they bought you a cup of coffee out of the blue. Maybe they took you out to lunch. Depending on how close the relationship is, maybe they did something very small, but inside it was the largest gift you could have received.  At any rate, moments like this are precious. But did you know God does these things for us everyday? Today’s #BeTheSohrs topic is “Where did you see God at work in your life today?”

Here are a few questions to help you think and share:

  • How did God show up for you today?
  • Describe how you saw God at work in a friend’s life today?
  • How did God play a part in your life today?
  • In what ways has God impacted your life today?
  • What area of your life did God work in today?
  • Give an example of how God impacted your life today?
  • Express how excited you were when you saw how God was at work in your life today?
  • Give an example of when you saw God impact someone else’s life today? 

You’ll never know how important it is for you to share your thoughts and experiences with others.  Our world is waiting on usto show them what we, Christians, do! Let’s do it together; #BeTheSohrs!

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101 Ways to Use #29 – Best Christian Podcasts

It’s amazing how far technology has come with the invention of podcasts,  you can take inspiring messages with you wherever you go. Podcasts can be a daily companion and a constant reminder from those that give your ears encouraging messages to help you through anything. If you are not already subscribed to some of the best Christian podcasts like The Living Word and Desiring God and are on the lookout for some more, go to and find more recommendations as well as offer your own.