What Bible verse has impacted your life?

As the team at reflect on the numerous BeTheSohrs topics we’ve had over the years, we’ve never had this one before.  Can you believe we’ve never asked you to share a Bible verse that has impacted your life? This week’s BeTheSohrs topic is simply that. Answer this question, what Bible verse has impacted your life?  We can’t wait to hear [see] your responses. The world and everyone around is waiting to see the verses that have impacted your life. It’s time, your time to do what we, Christians, do best-share scripture.  #BeTheSohrs.

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Source of Good News in the Midst of Bad News

There’s not many places on earth that this word has not impacted, coronavirus. This word will be forever remembered. As people of faith, we’d like to remind you of two things.

  • The news headlines are incomplete.
    The word news simply means a report of events. It doesn’t say that those events have to be negative or positive or mostly negative or mostly positive. It’s a report of events. The reason our news streams are mostly negative is because they come from a world that’s engulfed in “darkness.” You know this; it’s just a reminder that people-of-faith are children of light (a positive news report) and the world are children of darkness (a negative news report).

    “For you are all children of the light and of the day; we don’t belong to darkness and night.
    So be on your guard, not asleep like the others. Stay alert and be clearheaded. Night is the time when people sleep and drinkers get drunk.
    But let us who live in the light be clearheaded, protected by the armor of faith and love, and wearing as our helmet the confidence of our salvation.
    For God chose to save us through our Lord Jesus Christ, not to pour out his anger on us. Christ died for us so that, whether we are dead or alive when he returns, we can live with him forever.
    So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” –

    I believe the darkness is overtaking the light in reporting. So what can we do about it? That leads us to our second reminder.
  • Everyone is a source of news.
    Forget CNN and Fox News, the best source of news comes from the people we know and those with whom we’re socially connected. In fact, I bet you’ve heard from people in your world, your office, your family, your friends, your church, your work, regarding these latest events. Here’s the problem, we’ve been spreading more of the bad news when we need to leave that up to the world (children of darkness) and spread good news since we are the children of light, children of encouragement, children of good news, children of the gospel.

So how do we spread good news when we’re consumed with such overwhelmingly bad news? And the answer to this question is what led to this week’s “BeTheSohrs.” We’ve received calls and messages from family and friends we know in major U.S. cities that have escaped the plague. We’ve been contacted by team members who live on the other side of the globe, other countries, to check up on us as they battle the same. This is the news we need to share. This week’s BeTheSohrs focus is “Let’s Be the Source of Good News in the Midst of Bad News.” Will you join us, your world, our world needs it more than ever.  It’s our time to #BeTheSohrs.

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How can you use your positive influence in your everyday life?

What would you pay to have your very own personal motivator? Someone who is with you every moment of the day just to give you a dose of positive motivation when you began to lack it? Wouldn’t that be valuable? There’s a way for you to have a world like this.

As Christians, we believe there’s a principle at work that says whatever you sow, you reap. Whatever you put out, you get in return. This week’s topic is “how can you use your positive influence in your everyday life?” Let’s BeTheSohrs of motivation and positive influence for as many people as we can this week. It’s up to us to be the sohrs of motivation for others and thusly ourselves. Let’s do it, what Christians do best! #BeTheSohrs.

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Are You Fasting For Lent?

You’d be surprised to know that much of the world around you doesn’t know the meaning of “lent”.  For that same matter, very few know what fasting is or its purpose. And that’s where you and I come in.  It’s time we did something about it. You can make a difference just by liking or sharing our social media post, “are you fasting for lent?”  

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It’s time, our time to share with the world what we, Christians, do.  Let’s BeTheSohrs!

Prayed For Someone Today?

Christianity definitely has its perks.  Prayer is one of our secret (not so secret) weapons.   Most of us spend much of our prayer time focused on our own issues, concerns, and needs.  But what’s really great about prayer is when we direct our prayer focus to another. Today’s BeTheSohrs [] focus is just that: [Heart] our social media post if you prayed for someone or will pray for someone other than yourself today.

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It’s time, our time to show the world what we,  Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs

Share Ways in Which You Release Your Radical, Unshakable Faith

Many people find it easy to release the inner beast from within: frustrations, aggregations and annoyances.  But have you considered what might be on the other side of these extreme emotions? Like hope, peace, joy, and faith?  You know what people of faith really are?  They’re risk takers.  They (we) dare to believe something that most of the world doesn’t.  We dare to step out on uncertainty and have assurance in an invisible God.  

It’s time we start taking risks and making decisions the world doesn’t understand.  This week’s BeTheSohrs focus is “share ways in which you release your radical, unshakable faith.”

You know what time it is, it’s time we do what we (Christians) do best.  Take a leap of faith and share yours. #BeTheSohrs


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Attending A Couple’s Event?

It’s February, can you feel “the love” in the air.  It’s the month known for its focus on relationships and couples.  With that said, many churches plan some really great events in the month of February, from masquerade balls to marriage conferences.  Our list is incomplete without hearing what you’re doing. So our BeTheSohrs focus this week is, HEART if you will be attending a couple’s function this month.  It’s simple; just go over to Facebook, or Twitter and LIKE or SHARE.

It’s time, our time to share with the world what we, Christians, do.  Let #BeTheSohrs!

Show a Random Act of Kindness

We’re in February and many refer to this month as the “love” month. Did you know that God showed us how much He loves us by the “giving” of His only son.  Love is expressed through giving.  Now would be as great a time as any to show others how much we love them.  Let’s show those around us just how much by randomly giving.  This week’s #BeTheSohrs topic is “show a random act of kindness”.  The time is now.  It’s our time to do what we, Christians, do best.  Share the love of Jesus.  #BeTheSohrs

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Why do Christians read the Bible?

This week’s #BeTheSohrs topic is “Why do Christians read the Bible?”  This might be the most important question a Christian could ever be asked.  While the Bible plays a crucial part of the Christian walk of life, we need people to give their personal take and experiences so that the world around us may benefit.  The Bible means different things to different people and some know more about it than others.  So it’s our time to do what we, Christians, do best.

So why do you read your Bible?  It’s time to #BetheSohrs!


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Reading a One Year Bible Plan?

Most wish the energy of the New Year would carry throughout the entire year. There’s lots of energy around Bible reading plans. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Bible reading plans out there and everyone is excited about their plan. We want to know which have you chosen for the year? If you have a plan, share it with us this week. Our BeTheSohrs focus is “Are you reading a one year Bible plan?” 

This simple action will promote and continue the energy that’s driving so many like you, Christians, to read more of the Bible. It’s time; don’t watch from the sideline. Join in on the action. It’s simple; go over to Facebook, or Twitter and SHARE yours. Let’s do it together. #BeTheSohrs