How Do You Share Jesus With Others?

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I once hated being on the receiving end of this question.  I’d be embarrassed because I knew deep down inside it’s what I should be doing, but I wasn’t.  I didn’t feel qualified, adequate, or confident enough. In this week’s BeTheSohrs topic, we ask the question, “How do you share Jesus with others?”  On the flip side of this question, there are those who do it without any reservations. They have a burning passion to share what’s been shared with them.  We want to hear from both sides. Share your thoughts and experiences with us.

Here are a few ideas to help you in sharing:

  • Share a past random act of kindness.
  • How do you share Jesus with your peers?
  • In what ways do you share Jesus with others?
  • How do you tell others about Jesus?
  • How do you witness to others?
  • Share your passion for Jesus.
  • Describe a time you shared Jesus with someone.

It’s time to share; let’s do it together.  We are impacting the world by showing others what we, Christians, do.  #BeTheSohrs


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