After Worship Activities

“BeTheSohrs” is a way for Christians to show others what we, Christians, do.  In other words, let’s show the world how great Christianity can be. We want the world to know that accepting Christ is a good thing and very enjoyable.  

Today’s “BeTheSohrs” topic is “After Worship Activities”.  What are your after service activities? How do you spend your time once service has ended?  Who do you spend your Sundays with? Where is that special or not so special place you dine? List some of your Sunday afternoon activities.  Share a photo of you enjoying your Sunday. Show the world pictures from breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner.  

Not only do you get to share what you do, you also get to see what others are doing.  Sunday activities go a whole lot better after service. 

Be refreshed.
Be motivated.
Be inspired.
Be renewed.  But more importantly…


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