Share Your Bible Reading Plan

Most wish the energy of the New Year would carry throughout the entire year.  There’s lots of energy around Bible reading plans. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Bible reading plans out there and everyone is excited about their plan.  We want to know which you’ve chosen for 2019? If you have a plan, show some love for it on this week’s BeTheSohrs focus; HEART, if you are reading a one year Bible plan.


This simple action will promote and continue the energy that’s driving so many like us, Christians, to read more of the Bible.  It’s time; don’t watch from the sideline. Join in on the action. It’s simple; just go over to Facebook, or Twitter and LIKE or SHARE.  Let’s do it together.  #BeTheSohrs





Have Any Spiritual Goals?

During the first few weeks of the year, most are setting’s what we do.  Some have already broken the goals they set out to accomplish this year. There are programs out there to target your fitness, ways to have the best year ever and of course the numerous diets.

A recent article posted on the internet stated the following as the most popular new year’s resolutions:

  • Get healthy
  • Get organized
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Learn new hobbies
  • Spend less and save more
  • Travel
  • Read more

Most people don’t readily think of setting “spiritual” goals or resolutions but as a Christian you more than likely have 1st-of-the-year-fasting goals. What we want to know from you is simply this, do you have any spiritual goals you are trying to meet this year?  Go over to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and LIKE our BeTheSohrs post and share.

Participating In Prayer & Fasting?

TAG your church if you are participating in prayer & fasting in the new year.

Fasting.  Fast and pray.  Consecrate. Daniel fast.  Complete fast. These are just a few of the buzzwords and activities that Christians participate in at the beginning of a new year.  We’d like to know and hear what your church is doing.

This week’s focus is all about prayer & fasting.  The action is to tag your church in our post(s) if your church or place of worship is participating in some type of prayer and fasting initiative.

Happy New! It’s time to share what we, Christians, do.  Let’s



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How Does Your Church Bring in the New Year?

Wow and Happy New Year!  This week we’re reaching the end of one year and beginning of another.  

Tell us what your church is doing to bring in the new year.  What events? What type of program and festivities? What’s on the agenda for bringing in and celebrating the new year?  

Send us a note or better yet share a pic from your church’s celebration.  You have what it takes to share your faith with your world using social media.  Let’s do it together and begin 2019 sharing what we (Christians) do, with the world around us.  BeTheSohrs!

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Share Your Favorite Christmas Tradition

The holidays are finally here.  This is what we’ve been waiting for all year-Christmas!  There are so many ways people choose to celebrate. Churches have special programs.  Homes display a variety of lights. Nostalgic ornaments decorate the trees. What makes Christmas so special are the people, families, friends and loved-ones who share their special traditions.  What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? Share your traditions with us and your world. It’s time and the best time to BeTheSohrs!

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What Do You Do To Get In The Holiday Spirit?


With the holiday nearing, Christmas that is, people generally refer to being or not being in the Christmas spirit.  Maybe it’s hearing that special Christmas song that takes you there. Or could it be the one favorite movie you see each year at Christmas?  How about that special treat that only comes once a year? Could it be the lights and the sounds that take you there? Whatever it is we all have something that places us in the spirit of Christmas. What is it for you?  Share it with us and your world. Let’s do it together; let’s BeTheSohrs!


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Characteristics of God


Today we have an easy, but good topic.  We’re sharing “Characteristics of God.” From loving to generous to selfless, this list can go on forever.   Forever, or unending, another characteristic of God.

Our list is not complete without getting the characteristics you love about God.  Why don’t you take just a second and share with us the attributes that come to your mind when you think of God.  It’s your opportunity to share with your world and do what only, we, Christians, can do-BeTheSohrs.

Let’s do it together; #BeTheSohrs!





How Do You Share Jesus in the Workplace?

Can we even say “Jesus” in the workplace today?  This is becoming more and more debatable in our society.  John Maxwell once shared that in his leadership conferences he uses the old bait and hook with his audience so that they ask for his secret tips.  He would reference a leadership idea that was totally influenced by his faith and Christian beliefs without saying where they originated.

For example, he makes a statement sort of like this… “I’ll only tell those who are interested and willing to stay behind after the main lecture.”  To his surprise many of the attendees would and John had the privilege of sharing his faith and being an instrument for God leading business leaders to Christ.

How do you share Jesus in your workplace?  Share your strategy with us and the world.

Let’s do it together; #BeTheSohrs!



What Are You Thankful For?


Hopefully you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.  In light of our Thanksgiving holiday, the BeTheSohrs topic this week is “what are you thankful for?”  What did Thanksgiving remind you to be grateful for? And what are we left with after having experienced thanks-giving over the last couple days?

Your world needs your help, your input and your example.  It’s what we, Christians, do. We light the world around us.  Help us light the world this week by sharing the object of our thankfulness.  The time is now. Let’s do it together; #BeTheSohrs!





How Can You Be The Light In The Workplace?

It’s a new day.  As Christians it’s time to take Christ to the workplace.  It’s the place where most of us spend the majority of our time and meet the majority of the people we know in life.  So how do we accomplish such a feet without doing a disservice to The Kingdom?  This week’s BeTheSohrs focus is “How can you be the light in the workplace?”  How can we shed more light in the place we spend the majority of our time?

It’s our time and that time is now for us, Christians, to do what we do best.  #BeTheLight  #BeTheSohrs

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