How Are You Generous?

Some people are generous by nature.  They have the gift of giving, but what about the rest of us?  How can we be like the chosen few? How can we become more generous?Generosity first starts in the heart.  If you have a heart that desires to give, the next step is to get a plan for giving. In order to help others, let’s share ways that we practice generosity.  Today’s #BeTheSohrs topic is “How Are You Generous?”

Here’s your chance to influence others and the world.

  • In what ways are you generous?
  • What do you do for others?
  • How does your family give?
  • Share a recent random act of kindness.
  • Where have you volunteered to give of yourself?

Your participation in the BeTheSohrs initiative is greatly appreciated.  Remember, what you get out of it is a direct reflection of what you put into it.  Help us show the world what Christians do.

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