Back-to-School Support

It’s that time we love to hate (at least in the U.S.A.).  Our kids are heading back to school.  That means traffic will pick up and so will busy schedules.   Back to school isn’t all bad, it’s a good thing if we get past the small items that make it frustrating and inconvenient.  What if we together redirect our focus.  Here’s a “BeTheSohrs” topic to help make “back-to-school” more enjoyable.  Try to help at least one child by providing them with school supplies.  You’ll never know how much it means to a child to have the supplies they need or even want as they return to school form the summer.  It’s back-to-school time, but more important it’s our time to do what we, Christians to do best.  Make a difference; let’s BeTheSohrs!

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What is Important to Someone Else

There is no better way to make a world of difference than to place someone else’s needs before your own.  What have you done for another lately?  How have you made your “neighbors” feel important.  Today’s #BeTheSohrs topic is “Focus on what is important to someone else.”  Share with us and your world how you made the importance of another person your priority.  This is what we as Christians do.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life [motives, priorities, ambitions] for one’s friends.” – John 15:13

Let’s do this now…let’s do this together!  #BeTheSohrs

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What’s one word that describes your church?

This might be the hardest “BeTheSohrs” topic ever.  No, not really, especially for those of us who really love our churches and places of worship.  What’s the one word you’d use to describe your church or place of worship to others?

In the past, I’ve heard descriptions like…

  • Lively
  • Traditional
  • Inspiring
  • Boring
  • Loud
  • Intense

What word would you use to describe yours?  No matter what word you use, it’s all good. We’re on a mission to show the world what Christians do.  Can’t wait to hear (see) your responses. Don’t forget to tag your social media posts with “#BeTheSohrs”.  Have fun and enjoy this week’s “BeTheSohrs” topic. You’re making a difference in the family of Christ.

Showing the world what we (Christians) do!  #BeTheSohrs


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After Worship Activities

“BeTheSohrs” is a way for Christians to show others what we, Christians, do.  In other words, let’s show the world how great Christianity can be. We want the world to know that accepting Christ is a good thing and very enjoyable.  

Today’s “BeTheSohrs” topic is “After Worship Activities”.  What are your after service activities? How do you spend your time once service has ended?  Who do you spend your Sundays with? Where is that special or not so special place you dine? List some of your Sunday afternoon activities.  Share a photo of you enjoying your Sunday. Show the world pictures from breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner.  

Not only do you get to share what you do, you also get to see what others are doing.  Sunday activities go a whole lot better after service. 

Be refreshed.
Be motivated.
Be inspired.
Be renewed.  But more importantly…


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4th of July Tribute

We are a couple days passed one of America’s greatest holidays-Independence Day; otherwise known as the 4th of July.  Regardless of where you are or where you’re from, we all have special days and holidays that we celebrate. How do Christians celebrate their holidays?  I would bet that Christians know how to have a good time and the rest of the world stands the chance of learning a few things from us.

What are your plans this 4th of July (weekend)?

How are you celebrating?

How will you make this weekend any different from the rest?

With this week’s BeTheSohrs topic, we’re showing the world what we (Christians) do, this “4th of July”!  Happy Independence Day in The United States of America.


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What are some ways in which you help encourage others?

One of the jobs of a believer, a Christian, is to “edify” others.  That word means we build up others. We are like an elevator helping others reach higher levels.  What it doesn’t mean is to tear down. Did you know there are some people who don’t hear encouraging words on a daily basis?  There are people who never receive positive feedback. But that’s all about to change. This week’s #BeTheSohrs focus is “what are some ways in which you help encourage others?”  You’re a Christian, that’s what we do inspire those around us to go to higher heights. The time is now to do what we do best. #BeTheSohrs.

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Where have you seen evidence of God’s presence?

If someone were to ask you if God exists, what or how would you respond?  Maybe you’re pondering that question yourself. You’d just like to hear others’ perspective.  Well today just might be your day. This week’s #BeTheSohrs focus is “where have you seen evidence of God’s presence?”  How do you know that He exists? It’s our time to do what we, Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs.

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A Father’s Day Tribute

Happy Father’s Day!

While fathers don’t get as much attention as mothers, we have a chance to at least make this day (weekend) special for the dads.  Make some social media noise. Today’s “BeTheSohrs” topic is “A Father’s Day Tribute.”

I found this quote that fits perfectly for Christian dads:

“Fathers, were a God idea.

The creator of the universe describes Himself as a Father.” – Joe McGee

Let’s show “the world”, how Christians celebrate their dads on Father’s Day.  In normal “BeTheSohrs” fashion, let’s take an action in tribute to the dads:

    • Post a picture with dad.
    • Share a thought as to why your dad’s so special.
    • Give some love for your dad.
    • Upload an image of the gift you gave dad.

Be creative… but #BeTheSohrs!

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Favorite Version of The Bible

Every Christian should have a Bible.  We believe every Christian should also have a version of the Bible that they are comfortable with reading.  No matter if you’re new to Christianity or a veteran, it’s good to hear and see what other Christians are doing and using.  That’s exactly why exits. This week’s focus is share your favorite Bible or Bible version with us and the world in which you’re connected.  It’s time for you to do what Christians do best, share with the world.  Let’s do it together, right now. Let’s #BeTheSohrs.

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