Your Favorite Christian Movie

The team at is very excited about this week’s “BeTheSohrs” topic. It’s “Share Your  Favorite Christian Movie”. Needless to say, this week’s topic was a bit of a debate here at the, since we all had varying definitions of what constitutes a Christian movie. So, we let it all go and decided that you all would determine what constitutes a Christian movie.

A team member found an interesting website to get our thoughts flowing and we all had a ball reviewing a list of 100 All Time Best Movies for Christians. To say the least, we shared a few laughs and you may too with your friends and family around this topic. We want you to enjoy similar experiences as you share your top picks.

Share with us, what movies you watch, recommend, and enjoy.  Share Your  Favorite Christian movie.  Let’s BeTheSohrs!

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If you could ask God one question what would it be?

Everyone has that one question they wish they had the answer to.  Some have profound questions. Others have questions about extreme circumstances.  Even others have questions that extend beyond current reality. But what if you could get the answers to your unanswered questions?  

What if you didn’t feel alone in having questions that went unanswered?  Today’s #BeTheSohrs focus is “if you could ask God one question what would it be?  

Sharing is key to having meaningful relationships.  While no one may be able to answer your questions, sharing in this pursuit is a whole lot better with friends.  It’s time we do what we, Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs

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Happy Memorial Day

For most of us, this weekend is a day of relaxation and 3 days off of work.  But for many others, it’s a time set aside to remember someone (possibly) a loved-one who gave their life for their (our) country.  Let’s honor those who have fallen and remember their contribution to our freedom. This week’s BeTheSohrs focus is show some love as we remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice (their lives) to serve others.  Let’s do what Christians do best, be the light that shines in the midst of darkness. Let’s #BeTheSohrs together.

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Favorite Version of The Bible

Every Christian should have a Bible.  We believe every Christian should also have a version of the Bible that they are comfortable with reading.  No matter if you’re new to Christianity or a veteran, it’s good to hear and see what other Christians are doing and using.  That’s exactly why exits. This week’s focus is share your favorite Bible or Bible version with us and the world in which you’re connected.  It’s time for you to do what Christians do best, share with the world.  Let’s do it together, right now. Let’s #BeTheSohrs.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend in the United States. Mother’s Day remains one of the three most popular days for people to attend church services-Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Easter. Nonetheless it’s still one of the greatest opportunities to share with the world what Christians do. In light of Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate mothers not just in the United State but around the world. Our BeTheSohrs focus today is simple… Interact with our social media posts on Facebook and Twitter or share your own, if you are doing something special for a mother this Mother’s Day! We know you’re doing something special, so share your photos with us as well. Let’s #BeTheSohrs!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Experienced a Miracle?

We’ve all experienced a miracle in life at some point or another.  The question is can you identify them?  As Christians, we believe in miracles.  In fact, many of us make them happen for others.  In this week’s BeTheSohrs focus, we’re sharing our miracles with the world.  What miracles have you experienced?  What miracles have you been an instrument in others experiencing?  [Share] or [Like] our social media posts (on Facebook, & Twitter), if you’ve experienced a miracle.  It’s your time to show the world what you, Christians, do.

Commit to Inviting People to Church

In our fast paced societies, we tend to forget to invite others to join us for Sunday service or Saturday service.  We jump up on Sunday morning and we make that mad dash for church. This week’s “BeTheSohrs” focus is like (or share) our social media post showing your commitment to slow down for just a second to invite friends or strangers to come to church.  Take it one step further add it to your calendar and theirs. Everyone with a smartphone has a calendar and I’m certain it’s not often they get invited to by calendar to do something really great. Here’s your opportunity and it’s your time to show the world, your world, what Christians do.  #BeTheSohrs

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Listen to Christian Music?

A common habit that many Christians have is starting their day with Christian music.  Let me tell you, there is no shortage of Christian music out there, from Contemporary to Gospel and everything in between.  We want to know what you’re listening to. [Like] our social media post this week if you listen to Christian music before you start your day.  You may also share what’s on your playlist. It’s time, today is your day to show the world what Christians listen to. Share some music with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for sharing.

How will you be celebrating Easter?

This is the most exciting time of the year when you’re a Christian.  It’s Easter, the biggest celebration Christian’s have.  It’s been said that Easter is the time where most people invited to church will give a favorable response.  In fact, Easter is the one day that most people who don’t regularly attend, will.  With that said interacting with others around our Easter celebration is inevitable.  The BeTheSohrs focus this week is “how will you celebrate Easter?”  This is our biggest opportunity to show the world what we, Christians do.  #BeTheSohrs

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What Bible verse has impacted your life?

As the team at reflect on the numerous BeTheSohrs topics we’ve had over the years, we’ve never had this one before.  Can you believe we’ve never asked you to share a Bible verse that has impacted your life? This week’s BeTheSohrs topic is simply that. Answer this question, what Bible verse has impacted your life?  We can’t wait to hear [see] your responses. The world and everyone around is waiting to see the verses that have impacted your life. It’s time, your time to do what we, Christians, do best-share scripture.  #BeTheSohrs.

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