Make Spending Time With God a Priority

If you haven’t noticed priorities are important.  It’s said that “whatever gets scheduled gets done.”  What this is also saying is that which doesn’t get scheduled does not get done.  Could prayer or spending time with God fall into this category?  Sure it does, even with the best of intentions.  Fortunately for you this week’s “BeTheSohrs” focus is “make spending time with God a priority.”  You can join our campaign by simply liking our social media posts.  You can share your thoughts, ideas and links.  You can share images.  Regardless of how you’d like to participate, the time to do so is now.  Let’s do what we, Christians, do best.  Let’s #BeTheSohrs!

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Best School Year Ever

You might not realize this, but summer doesn’t end (at least in the U.S.A.) until September 22. The season doesn’t change for more than a month, but it feels like we’re moving into another season. With everyone focused on their kids returning back to school, it feels like we’ve entered a new season with many changes and new activities. As our children return to school, let’s think of ways we can make this school year the best ever. This week’s “BeTheSohrs” focus is “making this school year the best year ever for our kids.” What ideas do you have for making the 2021/22 school year the best year ever? Let’s do what we, Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs

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What is Important to Someone Else?

There is no better way to make a world of difference than to place someone else’s needs before your own.  What have you done for another lately?  How have you made your “neighbors” feel important.  Today’s #BeTheSohrs topic is “Focus on what is important to someone else.”  Share with us and your world how you made the importance of another person your priority.  This is what we as Christians do.

There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life [motives, priorities, ambitions] for one’s friends.” – John 15:13

Let’s do this now…let’s do this together!  #BeTheSohrs

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A Time When Your Prayer Was Answered

 All of us can think of a time where we desperately needed an answered prayer. Well, there are many believers out there waiting for their prayers to be answered. How comforting would it be for Christians everywhere to share a time when a prayer was answered? How encouraging would that be to those who are waiting on theirs. Show your support, have some compassion, and give your experience by sharing one of times when your prayer was answered. Praying is what we, Christians do. #TheSohrs

It’s your time, our time to do what we, Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs!

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How Are You Generous?

Some people are generous by nature.  They have the gift of giving, but what about the rest of us?  How can we be like the chosen few? How can we become more generous?Generosity first starts in the heart.  If you have a heart that desires to give, the next step is to get a plan for giving. In order to help others, let’s share ways that we practice generosity.  Today’s #BeTheSohrs topic is “How Are You Generous?”

Here’s your chance to influence others and the world.

  • In what ways are you generous?
  • What do you do for others?
  • How does your family give?
  • Share a recent random act of kindness.
  • Where have you volunteered to give of yourself?

Your participation in the BeTheSohrs initiative is greatly appreciated.  Remember, what you get out of it is a direct reflection of what you put into it.  Help us show the world what Christians do.

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In what ways do you spend time with your family?

We received this story once from a guy who had gone through several life changing situations in a short period of time: loss of a job, homeless and divorced.  He shared his story with us, a story of how he found a church that helped restore his life. He ended up persuading his brother and sister to attend and they’ve never stopped going.  With tears in his eyes, he said these words, “If that was the price I had to pay to worship my savior side by side with my siblings, I’d go through it all again. It was worth it.” If you get to experience your faith and belief with your family, that’s worth sharing.  Don’t take it for granted.

This week our topic is “In what ways do you spend time with your family?”  Sharing our faith and our stories are what we, Christians, do. #BeTheSohrs

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After Worship Activities

“BeTheSohrs” is a way for Christians to show others what we, Christians, do.  In other words, let’s show the world how great Christianity can be. We want the world to know that accepting Christ is a good thing and very enjoyable.  

Today’s “BeTheSohrs” topic is “After Worship Activities”.  What are your after service activities? How do you spend your time once service has ended?  Who do you spend your Sundays with? Where is that special or not so special place you dine? List some of your Sunday afternoon activities.  Share a photo of you enjoying your Sunday. Show the world pictures from breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner.  

Not only do you get to share what you do, you also get to see what others are doing.  Sunday activities go a whole lot better after service. 

Be refreshed.
Be motivated.
Be inspired.
Be renewed.  But more importantly…


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What does freedom mean to you?

We are a few days beyond one of America’s greatest holidays–Independence Day; otherwise known as the 4th of July.  What makes this holiday unique and special is that we’re celebrating freedom and independence as one nation. This week let’s continue the celebration by answering this #BeTheSohrs focus question, “what does freedom mean to you?”  If nothing more, share an Independence Day photo with us. It’s time, your time to do what we, Christians, do best…#BeTheSohrs!

Happy Independence Week!

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Where have you seen evidence of God’s presence?

If someone were to ask you if God exists, what or how would you respond?  Maybe you’re pondering that question yourself. You’d just like to hear others’ perspective.  Well today just might be your day. This week’s #BeTheSohrs focus is “where have you seen evidence of God’s presence?”  How do you know that He exists? It’s our time to do what we, Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs.

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A Father’s Day Tribute

Happy Father’s Day!

While fathers don’t get as much attention as mothers, we have a chance to at least make this day (weekend) special for the dads.  Make some social media noise. Today’s “BeTheSohrs” topic is “A Father’s Day Tribute.”

I found this quote that fits perfectly for Christian dads:

“Fathers, were a God idea.

The creator of the universe describes Himself as a Father.” – Joe McGee

Let’s show “the world”, how Christians celebrate their dads on Father’s Day.  In normal “BeTheSohrs” fashion, let’s take an action in tribute to the dads:

  • Post a picture with dad.
  • Share a thought as to why your dad’s so special.
  • Give some love for your dad.
  •  Upload an image of the gift you gave dad.

Be creative… but #BeTheSohrs!

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