Favorite Bible

If you’ve been a Christian for a while, you’ve probably acquired a bible that’s your favorite. There’s nothing like having a favorite bible. It turns to the right page when you need it. You can find all the important passages you have marked, highlighted, or memorized. There’s nothing like having your favorite bible with you when you’re in the mood to read God’s word. This week at Sohrs.com, our “BeTheSohrs” topic is Your “Favorite Bible”.

Because we are in the business of sharing what Christians do (with the world), we want you to join us in sharing your favorite bible. We are asking you to…:

  • Post a picture of your favorite bible.
  • Tell about how you got your favorite bible.
  • Share your story as to why this is your favorite bible.
  • Offer some good study tips you’ve read from your favorite bible.

Remember the time is now. Get involved; BeTheSohrs
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