Share Your Bible Reading Plan

Most wish the energy of the New Year would carry throughout the entire year.  There’s lots of energy around Bible reading plans. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of Bible reading plans out there and everyone is excited about their plan.  We want to know which you’ve chosen for the new year? If you have a plan, show some love for it on this week’s BeTheSohrs focus; HEART, if you are reading a one year Bible plan.


This simple action will promote and continue the energy that’s driving so many like us, Christians, to read more of the Bible.  
It’s time; don’t watch from the sideline. Join in on the action. It’s simple; just go over to
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Scripture That Helps Start Your Day

Do you have that one special scripture you use to get your day going?  Of course you do, you’re a Christian. But what about those who aren’t or are new to Christianity? Wouldn’t it be great if we could help out? This week’s #BeTheSohrs focus is “share a scripture that helps start your day.” Now you can be an inspiration to those who don’t have that special scripture and to those of us who would love to benefit from what’s special to you. It’s time for us to do what only we, Christians, can do best.  #BeTheSohrs

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Prayer and Fasting

Fasting. Fast and pray. Consecrate. Daniel fast. Partial fast. Complete fast.
These are just a few of the terms and activities that Christians participate in at the beginning of a new year. We’d like to know and hear what you and your church are doing. This one activity at the first of the year can be that one single act that will transform your year and make it the best year ever.

This week’s focus is all about prayer & fasting. “Join us this Sunday as we participate in our church’s annual 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting.” Leave a comment and share what activity you’re engaged in.

Happy New Year!

It’s time to share what we, Christians, do. #BeTheSohrs

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What are some goals that you have for 2020?

Everyone usually set goals for the New Year. Many of which are in the form of New Year’s resolutions. The question that we need to ask is what are some goals that Christians have when approaching a New Year. This week’s BeTheSohrs focus is “what are some goals that you have for 2020?”

For Christians goal setting is a way to use our faith in practical ways. Let’s share some of our goals with the world around us. It’s time your time to do what we, Christians, do best. #BeTheSohrs

Happy New Year! May this be your best year ever.

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What Do You Do to Get in the Holiday Spirit?

With the holiday nearing, Christmas that is, people generally refer to being or not being in the Christmas spirit. Maybe it’s hearing that special Christmas song that takes you there. Or could it be the one favorite movie you see each year at Christmas? How about that special treat that only comes once a year? Could it be the lights and the sounds that take you there? Whatever it is we all have something that places us in the spirit of Christmas. What is it for you? Share it with us and your world. Let’s do it together; let’s BeTheSohrs!

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Stay Positive When It Seems Like Nothing Is Going Your Way

Wouldn’t you agree that there is way too much negative energy around us? Society seems to feed on gossip, breaking news reports, scandals, and much more. But what happens when those closest to you experience pain and it would seem as if nothing is going their way? What happens when you feel this way? Who do you turn to? The simple answer is turn to someone who has a better outlook, someone who’s dealt with issues and came out clean on the other side. We have good news, these people are amongst us, but they’re way too quiet. This week’s BeTheSohrs (BTS) focus is “How do you stay positive when it seems like nothing is going your way? Let’s break the silence. It’s time, your time to do what we, Christians, do best. Let’s be a source of positivity for others. #BeTheSohrs.

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One Person You’re Thankful For

How great would it be if we told everyone we’re thankful for that we’re thankful for them? What would it mean to you to know that someone was thankful for you? As followers of Jesus Christ, we believe that you reap what you sow; you get back what you give off. Our BeTheSohrs focus this week is share “One Person You’re Thankful For.” There is no better way to ensure someone is thankful for you than by being thankful for another. The time is now; the time is today. Let’s do what Christians do best…#BeTheSohrs!

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What Are You Thankful For?

Hopefully you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.  In light of our Thanksgiving holiday, the BeTheSohrs topic this week is “what are you thankful for?”  What did Thanksgiving remind you to be grateful for? And what are we left with after having experienced thanks-giving over the last couple days?

Your world needs your help, your input and your example.  It’s what we, Christians, do. We light the world around us.  Help us light the world this week by sharing the object of our thankfulness.  The time is now. Let’s do it together; #BeTheSohrs!

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Share Your Favorite Christian Charity

One of the things that can make (The Sohrs) better, other than you of course, is better content. What we want to offer our followers and site visitors is information about Christians that you can’t get anywhere else on the planet. You help us do this each week by participating in our BeTheSohrs campaigns. It’s our way (and has become many of yours) to let the world around know what Christians do. What makes a follower of Jesus Christ special. This week our topic is “Share Your Favorite Christian Charity”. We need this information and so do others. Also you get to promote a charity you deeply love.

Not only are you able to share your favorite charity on your preferred social media network (Facebook, and Twitter), but you’re also able to share your responses on our website at

We look forward to hearing from you. Let’s do it together. Let’s do it now. Let’s BeTheSohrs.

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Let’s BeTheSohrs of Motivation for Others

The natural tendency of human-beings is to find fault and flaws in others.  It’s easy to bend towards and see the negative in others, especially those around us.  What a difference it would make if we, together, decided to ignore the negative and highlight the positives in others if only for one day.  This week’s #BeTheSohrs focus is “let’s BeTheSohrs of motivation for others”.  It’s time our time to do what we, Christians, do best, make a difference!

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