Bring A Friend To Church

When our team presented this week’s focus for our “BeTheSohrs” campaign, the thought was how simple yet so novel.  When you have something good, don’t you want to share it with others? How much more do you want what’s good for your friends?  This week’s “BeTheSohrs” focus is “Encourage someone to bring a friend to church”. This focus is so simple that all you need to do is go out to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or your favorite social network and [Heart] if you have brought a new friend to church recently or share a comment/picture.  Or you can just share our post on your timeline.

It’s time!  Participate in our “BeTheSohrs” focus today!  

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Going On A Mission Trip?

Spring is quickly approaching.  There’s a lot of chatter about springtime activities.  One of the most popular, that you might not be aware of, is mission trips.  Each year thousands and possibly even millions of Christians participate in these events.  Well, we (The Sohrs) need to know more about these Christian-based events and it starts with you.  This week’s “BeTheSohrs” focus is “[Share] if you plan to go on a mission trip” this year. It’s your time to shine by sharing this post with the world around you.

It’s time!  Participate in our “BeTheSohrs” focus today!  Share via Facebook, or Twitter.

How do you resolve conflict in a healthy way?

Generally speaking in the month of February, the focus of many churches worldwide is on relationships.  Highlighting one of the topics for this week’s BeTheSohrs focus, we decided to use “How do you resolve conflict in a healthy way?”  If you didn’t know, the church is on a mission to save marriages. So with that said, we need to place our focus on relationships.  Let’s do our part.  The time is now!  Let’s do what we, Christians, do best get involved and participate. Our world whether it knows it or not needs our help.  #BeTheSohrs

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Are You Fasting For Lent?

You’d be surprised to know that much of the world around you doesn’t know the meaning of “lent”.  For that same matter, very few know what fasting is or its purpose. And that’s where you and I come in.  It’s time we did something about it. You can make a difference just by liking or sharing our social media post, “are you fasting for lent?”  

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It’s time, our time to share with the world what we, Christians, do.  Let’s BeTheSohrs!

Share a miracle that has happened in your life.

We’ve all experienced a miracle in life at some point or another.  The question is can you identify them?  Christians believe in miracles.  In fact, many of us make them happen for others.  In this week’s BeTheSohrs focus, we’re sharing our miracles with our world.  What miracles have you experienced?  What miracles have you been an instrument in others experiencing?  Share a miracle that has happened in your life or simply share this post acknowledging that you’ve encountered a miracle.  It’s your time to show the world what you, Christians, do best.  We make miracles happen!  #BeTheSohrs


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Attending A Couple’s Event?

It’s February, can you feel “the love” in the air.  It’s the month known for its focus on relationships and couples.  With that said, many churches plan some really great events in the month of February, from masquerade balls to marriage conferences.  Our list is incomplete without hearing what you’re doing. So our BeTheSohrs focus this week is, HEART if you will be attending a couple’s function this month.  It’s simple; just go over to Facebook, or Twitter LIKE or SHARE.

It’s time, our time to share with the world what we, Christians, do.  Let #BeTheSohrs!

Attending a Small Group?

Before there were Sunday school classes or churches on every corner, there were “small groups”.  Today small groups are becoming more and more popular. Why? Because they work and create communities.  The only question is “do you have one?” Here’s your opportunity to show your group some love. Post an image and tag the people you know.  It’s simple; just go over to Facebook, or Twitter and LIKE or SHARE.

It’s time, your time to share with the world what we, Christians, do, BeTheSohrs!

New Visitors with You?

A crowning moment in the life of a church-goer is the day they bring a visitor to church with them.  There are many reasons why a visitor may attend… Maybe they’re seeking a relationship with God. Maybe they’re looking for a new place of worship.  What about those who are just going to church this Sunday with a family member. At any rate, having a visitor go to church with you is a big deal and you should be commended for your efforts no matter what the occasion.  Today our focus is on you, the person who’s bringing a visitor with them to church. LIKE our social media post if you brought any new visitors with you to church this month. If you feel like showing more love, post a picture.  It’s simple; just go over to Facebook and Twitter. 

It’s time, our time to share with the world what we, as Christians, do.  Let’s #BeTheSohrs!

Scripture That Helps Start Your Day

Do you have that one special scripture you use to get your day going?  Of course you do, you’re a Christian. But what about those who aren’t or are new to Christianity? Wouldn’t it be great if we could help out? This week’s #BeTheSohrs focus is “share a scripture that helps start your day.” Now you can be an inspiration to those who don’t have that special scripture and to those of us who would love to benefit from what’s special to you. It’s time for us to do what only we, Christians, can do best.  #BeTheSohrs

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Have Any Spiritual Goals?

During the first few weeks of the year, most are setting goals. it’s what we do.  Some have already broken the goals they set out to accomplish this year. There are programs out there to target your fitness, ways to have the best year ever and of course the numerous diets.

A recent article posted on the internet stated the following as the most popular new year’s resolutions:

  • Get healthy
  • Get organized
  • Live life to the fullest
  • Learn new hobbies
  • Spend less and save more
  • Travel
  • Read more

Most people don’t readily think of setting “spiritual” goals or resolutions but as a Christian you more than likely have 1st-of-the-year-fasting goals. What we want to know from you is simply this, do you have any spiritual goals you are trying to meet this year? #BeTheSohrs

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